Tuesday, December 8, 2015

It's A Girl! Baby Lucambio Coming this Spring...or Winter

We are so excited about adding a second baby girl to our family. Although we announced the gender back in October to our family, I never made an official announcement. I always thought deep down inside it would be a girl, just because this pregnancy has been almost exactly the same as with Samantha, our first baby girl. Who actually just turned one! 
Even though I've been prego twice before, I never get used to the idea that there is a little human squirming inside of me! When I feel her kick, its still weird. She was very cooperative during this gender reveal ultrasound up until it was time to reveal the gender! She decided she wanted to be a lady and have her legs crossed right when it was time to look. I was getting a bit disappointed after a several minutes of trying to get her to uncross her legs. We almost left without getting a verdict. But, after a lot of patience from our technician, she finally said " Okay, I think...I'm pretty sure I've got it." Not as reassuring as I would've hoped, but she had me at "okay." 
Now, it has just been such a struggle to think of baby names. So far, we just have Racheal. Any suggestions for a good middle name to go with it? Keep in mind...our last name is Lucambio -.- So wish us luck! We are due for March 2016, so we still have time. Leave your name suggestions below.
Until next time,
Love Kimii

foto via zara

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