Friday, December 9, 2016

Ways to Feel Pretty

Do you ever have those day, when you just are feeling down in the slumps. When all the talk about inner beauty just gets thrown out the window? Sometimes, I can’t help but compare myself to the beauty standards of today and think, man. I’m ugly. This is our mind playing games with us, We can’t allow ourselves to feel this way. That’s why I want to share with you my go to ways to feeling pretty when you don’t really. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

#1. Makeup! I’m a momma bear of three. I don’t sleep. So I like to conceal my under eye circles. Doing this brightens up my face and makes me look less tired.

You’d be surprised what a little black line can do for your spirits and confidence. Even a simple look can go a long way and change your mood.
You can do as much as your feeling up to with your makeup. I’m adding a bit of mascara, just to feel like I tried today.

#2. Instead of point out and settling on your flaws, focus on everything you do like about yourself. We all have something beautiful to be proud of.

#3. It might sound cheesy but a smile truly is the best accessory! When you smile, you tell your brain you’re happy, and thus actually become happier.

#4. Even smelling good, can change your view about yourself. How could something ugly smell so nice, that’s right, because I’m not ugly! Convince yourself of what you already know.

#5. Sometimes you just need a good pampering by making sure to take care of yourself. Manicures definitely do miracles for my mood and I’m sure they’ll work for you too.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder… always be sure to do what makes you feel pretty, inside and out! Till' next time,


Sunday, December 4, 2016

The Art of Being a Lady

Lately I've been working on one of my many projects I had set out to do for 2016, and as it grows to and end I figured better late than never, right?! I finally took out the time to go through inspiring photographs and quotations for my vision board.

As, I was doing this, I asked myself what I wanted to project through my board. What did I want to accomplish, who did I want to be, what was the grandest vision possible for my life? Pinterest was my best friend during the entire process. Inspired by the many photos and little things, I began to notice something about myself. All of my pictures had to do with self growth but also femininity. I have woman like First Lady Obama, Emma Watson, and many other influential woman in our society. What do they all have in common? They are all elegant woman. 

 You know, I don't consider myself to be very feminine. I put on makeup and dress in female clothes but I'm not the girly girl type. I've always been a bit of a tomboy. Always sporting comfy and relaxing clothes. I CAN go outside without doing my hair or makeup, I can wear the same thing two, three and even four times, I rather put on a pair of sneakers than a pair of heels. That's just me, so then why is my inner self projecting a completely different woman in my board?

I concluded that the problem lies with number one, self esteem and number two, the lack of money. Although I'd like to think I have good self esteem, the image I project to the rest of the world may not be what I think it to be like in reality. I'm a mom of three toddlers. To find the time for me is next to impossible. So, I don't look my best all of the time. Really though, who can chase toddlers in heels? Not me that's for sure! I'm then obligated to opt for the comfy sneakers and yoga pants. Some may suggest waking up earlier before the kids get up in order to have time for myself to get ready. Let's be honest, ain't no body doin' that. My 10 month old has yet to have a sleeping pattern/schedule and is up the majority of the night and up bright and early with the other two. My spirits sometime's are just dragging behind me in the dirt...

As I mentioned before, my other struggle is the lack of money. What do I mean by this? I mean, being broke! Although my husband works a full-time job, we only make enough money to make ends meet. We budget as if there was there is no tomorrow! We don't really have the means to buy "extra" things. Affording things like, going to get my nails done or even updating my wardrobe is a hard feat to accomplish...ever.  The fashionable and luxury attire I want is simply unattainable at the moment. 

But that's okay! Therefore, the purpose of the vision board. To aspire to better! This brings me to what I wanted to share with you all. In planning my vision board, I came to the realization that I want to be better, a better person, a better wife and mother, a better woman. The art of being a lady has disappeared and I want to be an example and help empower woman by bringing it back. This doesn't mean taking away the progress woman have made over centuries but to strengthen what separates us from the men and be inspiring, influential, strong woman for the rising generations. I invite you to subscribe to my channel and follow my blog to join me in my journey of becoming a badass woman in today's world. Yet remaining, poised, elegant, and feminine. I want to be someone people respect, admire and aspire to being. Hopefully, you will too. So join me next week for our first lessons on how to be a lady. There will be a new video up to go along with my posts! Till next time,...


Tuesday, November 15, 2016

I have to say, it's glad to be back! I haven't posted a lot this year, mainly because life became very busy very quick. But one thing let to another and here we are with a new video. 

I recently purchased the Morphe 350Matte Pro Palette and wanted to do an unboxing video. I thought to myself how I was going to go about this. It seemed that videos like this have not only already been done, but have been over done. 

So, I decided to show you up close the whole un-boxing process but leaving out my reactions, since there are so many videos like this already out there. I included a little more detail of how the product looks and what my initial thoughts were. Later I plan to do a first impressions video and continue the series named Showcases. I hope you enjoy and stay a while. 

Till' next time...


Saturday, August 20, 2016

My Pursuit of Happiness

Just feeling like I should make a quick update. I've had so far, just about 9 months now to reflect on myself. What I want to do, where I want to be, who I must become. I've come to the conclusion that it doesn't matter. Life takes detours and doesn't go as planned. I just need to be happy, or at least learn to be. Even if it takes a lifetime to acheive that happiness. So far along that journey, I've pick up a few hitchhikers. They are my husband and my three beautiful kids. Each day given is a new opportunity to start fresh. And that's what I plan to do. I've spent too many nights wishing, pondering and hoping things would be different. That I could reach my goals. It's made me a bitter person. It's time to be thankful for what I have, instead of focusing on the potential of what could be. I am where I'm meant to be for a reason. Its made me who I am now. 
Last weekend I took a few pictures of myself, hoping that it would spark something new inside me. Let me tell you it did. Seeing these pictures it reminded me that I am beautiful. I am unique, that I can be happy. That I need to think and take care about myself more often. I am a woman with great potential. I see in these pictures, how much life has changed me and the way I look. I finally have matured. This year was about finding myself,...and I think I just did.


Friday, April 22, 2016

Cute & Creepy: Entrevista con Ayame Shiroi

Hace unos meses atras, explorando el mundo de tumblr me entontré con un artista maravillosa. Ayame Shiroiuna ilustradora conocida por su uso de colores vivos, moda juvenil y temas espeluznantes. Espero que disfruten conocer mas sobre ella.

Cute: atractiva de una manera bonita o entrañable
Creepy: causando una desagradable sensación de miedo o malestar.


P: ¿Por favor preséntense a nosotros?

R: ¡Hola! Soy Ayame Shiroi y me gusta dibujar. Me encanta las cosas extrañas y lindas, tratando de hacer del mundo un lugar más raro y más colorido, un dibujo a la vez. Amo el color rosa, brujas, el brillo, demonios, temas ocultos, cristales y plástico. Gracias por estar aquí , espero que disfruten de esta entrevista!

P:¿Qué te hizo ser interesada en el dibujo y cuándo empezastes a pensar en ello como una profesión?

R: La mayoría de nosotros empeza a dibujar cuando somos niños , sólo que nunca me detuve, me encontré en ella una manera de expresarme de una manera que no puede con palabras. En un sentido, siempre quería que fuera mi profesión, por un breve tiempo pensé de ser una traductora, pero yo era / soy demasiado obsesionada con el dibujo. Empecé a considerar más seriamente cuando empecé a hacer un poco de dinero con él . Hoy en día todavía estoy luchando la batalla por el dibujo a ser mi profesión.
P: Comparte con nosotros acerca de tu proceso creativo. ¿Cómo se te ocurrió una idea, ¿cuáles son tus medios preferidos y cuánto tiempo te tarda en completar un proyecto?
R: Esto es un poco difícil, porque mi mente es un caos completo asi que dibujar un mapa de mi misma es muy difícil , pero voy a intentar . Mis principales fuentes de inspiración son los sentimientos y la moda, sobre todo la moda callejera Japonesa ( y estoy empezando a notar que la comida realmente me inspira también, jajaja ). Bueno, comienza con algo que quiero expresar , no siempre vienen desde el interior, a veces refleja el mundo a mi alrededor. Puede ser algo profundo, como sentirme sola o atrapada o algo alegre como disfrutar de comer un bocadillo . Con esto en mente, empezo a dibujar . Trato diferentes a los colores, ropa otros accesorios como parte del carácter de modo que pueda conectarse con la sensación principal. Espero que tenga algo de sentido.

Por lo general trabajo digitalmente, es muy versátil y rápido, en comparación con los medios tradicionales, que también estoy disfrutando últimamente. La mayoría de mis bocetos comienzo en piezas al azar de papel que encuentro.

El tiempo que me tardo realmente depende, pero en la mayoría de los casos va desde un día hasta una semana.

P: Usted describe su arte como una combinación de " lindo " y " espeluznante " . ¿Cómo se te ocurrió esa mezcla y que es lo que te atrae a cada uno de estos elementos ?
R: Han sido parte de mí desde que puedo recordar . Siempre me ha gustado cosas lindas , que me hace realmente feliz y cuando era una niña tenía mucho miedo a la muerte y los fantasmas. Este miedo de alguna manera evolucionado hasta convertirse en fascinación pura cuando empecé a aprender más y más. Creo que ambas cosas me conectan de manera diferente a mi infancia. Hoy en día, lo espeluznante y lindo provoca la misma reacción para mí. Son lo mismo para mí asi que los mezclo sin darme cuenta. Yo diría que mi arte es sobre todo lindo, pero ¿qué sé yo? Para mi sangre, globos oculares y esqueletos son lindos también jaja.
P: Una de las cosas que he notado mientras se navega a través de su Tumblr es que usted es aficionada de Mahou Shoujo, especialmente de títulos como " Sailor Moon " y " Puella Magi Madoka Magica ". ¿De qué manera te han influido estos programas de televisión como artista?
R: Me enseñaron que la fuerza viene en diferentes formas, que siendo frágil no te hace débil, que todos somos diferentes y que debe valorarse y que los estereotipos se deben romper. Y la sensación de magia! La sensación de que todo es posible. Todo eso es muy importante para mí como persona y que son mensajes , también yo quiero decir. Y no nos olvidemos de los vestidos con volantes brillantes.

P: Vamos a suponer que soy un jinn ( genio ) y te puedo otorgar la oportunidad de trabajar, en tus propios términos, en tu proyecto ideal . ¿Cuál sería ?
R: Me gustaría estar más involucrado en la creación de la moda, me gustaría hacer ropa y accesorios, todos ellos con ilustraciones y otras decoraciones . Me gustaría pasar el tiempo sólo creando y diseñando. Haciendo nuevas ilustraciones e ir a eventos relacionados de vez en cuando. Tendria mi propio negocio y me gustaría en algún momento emplear a más personas. Sólo dame, un lindo estudio y un salario decente. Eso me haría feliz!

P: ¿Qué consejo le darías a alguien que quiere seguir tus pasos?
R: Sé fiel a lo que te gusta, No te ocultes, no hay ninguna razón para hacerlo. Trabajo duro y práctica mucho. Habrá momentos duros, pero trata de aferrarse a las cosas buenas y no darse por vencido.
Sitios de Ayame Shiroi
English is not her first language; Spanish is not mine. Please be forgiving of any grammatical mistakes made in the process, Thank You.
Credits: English Interview by The Beautiful World | Diaries of Two Travelers

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Gotta Chatch'Em All: Pokémon’s Clothing Collection

Attention anime lover's, as I hope many of you already know, this year is Pokémon’s 20th anniversary year! And here to help celebrate is YUMMY MART debuting their Pokémon’s clothing collection. The collection will be released on the 20th of April, 2016 by the popular "sister" brand known as PEACH JOHN which sells lingerie. This collection will be made up of relatively the same items. Things like, panties, pajamas', ponchos, eye masks, and a laundry bin. Unfortunately, the Pikachu bras are not going to be sold to the public. Apparently, they were made just for the photo shoot. How could they do that to us right?! 

Well, there is some more good news to compensate for that. The company will also hold a giveaway contest during the first few weeks of the release of their collection. There will be an Instagram hashtag# campaign held at YUMMY MART stores in Shibuya 109, Shibuya PARCO, and Ikebukuro PARCO. Too bad we don't live there. (I'm sure if you hashtag or DM the company's Instagram asking if international contestants are allowed and how can they participate, they'll get back to you with an answer.) Anyways, If you live in Tokyo or plan on visiting on those dates, why not drop by a store? The special photo booths will be placed at each store, all you have to do is take a picture of yourself and post it with the hashtag #YM_PIKACHU. Then 5 lucky people will be chosen to get YUMMY MART Pokémon collection special items. 
This campaign will be starting from April 20th until May 8th. So far, I have no idea how to order online or anything like that, but I just wanted to share with you this fun bit of news. Share your thoughts on how cute this collection is in the comments below. 
Here is the link to the site's announcement in case you want to check more out!
Pokémon Collection on YUMMY MART website :


Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Sponsorship Introductions

This month I have a few cool things happening on the blog. I'm happy to announce some new sponsor companies helping my cause. I'll be introducing these companies formally and sharing with you some reviews coming up for them. Some of these companies are a more long term collaboration and others just sponsored posts. None the less, these are companies I have purchased from in the past and have been very satisfied with their products and services. I must admit one of these is completely new to me. 

First up is Pinky Paradise, here is a little bit about their story: "Founded in 2006, PinkyParadise has accumulated years of experience in the beauty industry, making us a trusted and renowned online retail merchandiser specializing in fashionable and trendy circle lenses/color contacts. With more than 900+ types of lenses in stock, has become one of the largest online circle lens store today.
We believe circle lenses are more than just coloured contact lenses, they redefine the beauty boundaries of eye makeup. Even more, it tells people who you are. Your eyes speak with PinkyParadise." Link:
Next is Lens Circle, an online retailer of circle contact lenses. Circle lenses enhance the appearance of your eyes making them look bigger and bolder. Their mission; making eyes beautiful, one lens at a time." Link:
Can't forget we have Wigaholics. "Wigaholics, an online store that caters to all your wigs crave. We believe that everyone deserves a wig that would fit perfectly to their makeover, any style they want. Some prefer bubbly wigs, others want a vibrant looking cosplay wigs, for sure we accommodate to all your needs, just like how a wig would require bobby pin and wig cap, and we would like to have your satisfaction and happiness." Link:

Lastly, I'll be introducing to you Cute Kawaii, a Cute Kawaii Harajuku Fashion Clothing & Accessories Online Store.T Selling the top trending Japanese & Korean Fashion, Selling also Asian Fashion Clothes & Accessories. Link:
So there you have it. I look forward to reviewing their products and collaborating with them again. I will be talking more in depth about them once the time comes to review them in later posts this month. I'm very lucky for these opportunities to work together with companies like these and have support from all sorts of places. Especially my readers! Thanks so much, and keep a look out for upcoming posts. Until then... 


Saturday, April 9, 2016

IGARI Makeup: the Hangover Look

IGARI Makeup, the most popular makeup in Japan. As of last spring when it debuted, it's still growing strong. IGARI SHINOBU, the creator of this look is a famous makeup artist in Japan. We know that previously, most Asian makeup was pointed at emphasizing the eyes to make them look bigger. Right now, that's out the window due to this trend sweaping the industry. Because Igari is such a big influenzer it has been picked up by many popular magazines and media entertainment widespreading to beauty gurus and fashionistas everywhere.
You may be asking yourself, "What is Igari Makeup?" Many also know this look as the "hang over" makeup. This is totally not what someone looks like the next morning after a night of fun, but I guess it does resemble anime characters when portrayed as being drunk. They blush a lot because they feel embarrassed.
Either way it looks cute, and adds something unique to your style. Regarless of what it might be, this makeup can be adapted to any style because of its simplicity. I've seen it on many girls with different fashion styles, but same makeup.
How to get the look? As I mentioned before, this look is very simple, and very easy to recreate. The look is separated into three ky points which are: natural eye makeup, blushed cheeks and rosy lips. I'll give you ladies some tips on how to achieve this look.
  • Of course, start with a clean face. That way when you're moisterizing, you can massage it to lock it in and promote blood circulation to face. It will wake you up and make your skin look healthier.
  • This look is a minimalist makeup, so keep that in mind when doing you foundation routine. That being said same goes for the eyes. Lightly put on a soft shade if desired and curl your lashes. If you wish to use mascara to make them stay all day that fine- just be cautious of the amount of layers. Natural is what we are going for in the eyes.
  • The most important point is....the blush! Now, you want to emphasis this feature by adding a gradation of blush to your cheeks. A darker shade of blush to the outer part of your cheeks and a lighter shade of blush to the apples of your cheeks. This will create the look of soft feminine skin and your girlish beauty. 
Just like any trend, looks evolve and beginning to change into other ones. Thus, a new word has risen, calling girls that use this makeup, "Holstein Face." Which pretty much means, "face full of attractive hormones." Weird I know. But most girls wear it for the  sheer reason its an innocent yet sexy look.
I'll also share a few videos on the different takes of the Igari makeup. Remember there are no rules to makeup. Just do what make you feel beautiful!

I'd like to expiriment with this kind of makeup.
I hope you enjoyed this look and found it helpful as we try to keep up with the latest trends. If you liked this post and want to see more like them, leave a comment & don't forget to subscribe.


Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Hello April! Heart to Heart: Alter-Ego

April is here, and so the arrival of Spring. If New Year's wasn't enough reason to start a fresh, here's your chance to jump on the band wagon! It's never too late to try and better yourself. In light of this opportunity here given to us thanks to mother nature, I myself have decided to maybe change a few things about what I would like to accomplish with this here blog and youtube channel. Hear me out,..
So I begun the year re-vamping my blog and what kind of content I wanted to create. I felt I had grown out of the Kawaii Asian Fashion scene and wanted to cater to a more mature audience and style. I feel although this is still very much true, its somewhat unrealistic for me. 
In all honesty, I  don't feel or dress like that fierce, chic, sexy girl all the time. There are times I want to be sweet looking, or dark af and down right cozy in my pj's all day. And still, there has always been a part of me that has never let go of the Asian Beauty scene. I'm always looking at new Western trends as well as Asian ones, particularly Japanese and South Korean. I became very frustrated with myself. Wanting to dress a certain way but feeling too old for it. Hence, my desire to dress and be a trendy fashionable mom, to Western standards. Coincidently, a friend of mine who is a couple years older than me told me something that sounds so cliche but that is true. She also is into asian fashion and so she advised me to "just be myself." I took this very much to heart, and decided to speak to my husband about it. See, at the time I met my husband, I had already stopped dressing ulzzang and kawaii like. So he never met me like that, I would think it unfair if I just all of a sudden sprung that on him and go full out kawaii haha. So, wanting his opinion I asked... his response was also " just be yourself." 
Oh, how I want to just be able to do that. But I run into one problem. I'm a married mom with a business to run.. Shouldn't that make me act and look my age- dressing appropriately? I know many would think different of me and even mock me if I did "just be myself." And as I said before I have many fashion moods, so why decide on just one? Well as I thought about this a quote came to mind by Dr. Seuss- "Those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind." How very true this is, and lightened up my heart. If people will like me, those who genuinely do won't care what I do- they will like who I am. 

So, to finish off this inner monologue haha, I found that I have an alter-ego and should own it. I've decided to post and make videos of my many beauty and fashion moods. Whether chic, dark or sweet, that's me and that's what I'll do. I will be returning to my Asian Beauty ways. I'm excited and so should you. Since I did reach my desired view count on my first video, it's time to make another! So be on the look out. I'll give you a sneak peek of what's to come.
  • New Sponsor Introductions
  • 2 Contact Lens Reviews
  • 1 Wig Review
    & much more...
If you have any other requests feel free to let me know :)


Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Baby Rachael is here! An Over Due Introduction

THIS WEEK: Hello my lovelies, to my surprise I've been getting many questions as to where I have disappeared off to. This makes me happy inside. Last post I left off on, I was about 36 weeks pregnant, had published my first youtube channel video, and life was simpler. Many things have happened and changed since then. 
For one, I had my baby girl. Her name is Rachael Bellamy, and was born on the 25th of February. Everything went well at L&D and she was born a healthy little princess. She is my second daughter and I'm very blessed to have her join our not so little family anymore. She is now just about three weeks old. Both Jacob and Samantha are the sweetest to her. They do get jealous often but none the less, it's been a pretty smooth transition for them accepting their new little sibling.
Speaking of transitions, (see what I did there?) Both the kids have transitioned beds. Sam is now in a toddler bed, and misses her crib oh so much! Jacob is now in a big boy bed,..actually a really big boy bed, a twin size. He loves playing in it, but not so much sleeping in it. We find him in the morning in Samantha's bed and Sam on the floor. So, at some point in the night he kicks her out of the bed, we're working on that, haha. 
Last but not least,... we have moved and we just got our internet installed finally! I do admit, I miss our place. It's really been the only place I've felt like it was really our "home." Since being married, we've moved a lot, and because of that I've always felt each house was temporary and never grown attached to it. But for some reason, I really grew to love that place. Until we have a place of our own- I guess I'll always feel this way. Oh well. Here's to new beginnings. New baby, new house, new not pregnant me!

So, this is why I've been so MIA. I do hope to get back on track with my youtube channel and blog plans soon. I just have to figure out a few things, and get more things unpacked.

BABY SPOTLIGHT: Rachael Bellamy Lucambio #historianphotography
SNAPSHOTS SINCE RACHAEL'S BIRTH: My handsome little boy Jacob sporting a new haircut, Samantha having a little beauty sleep in her new big girl carseat, as well as her in her new toddler bed- where she can continue this said beauty sleep haha, the last time these little stinkers took a nap together in our old place before the big move, and before the arrival of their new baby sis.
- Continue to unpack

- Work on having Jacob stay in his bed at night
- Organize the "Master Bedroom"
- Set up my vanity desk
- Plan out one new video to record
- Write one new blog entry
- Begin my "transformation" series content for when I can work out again.

  • I've realized how much garbage I have acquired whilst moving.
  • Rachael apparently doesn't like pictures taken of her- hence the fight she put up during her newborn photo shoot.
  • Samantha is walking more, though she chooses to crawl more often than not.
  • Jacob is the sweetest big brother ever! And Sam just loves to give Rachael kisses.

Something to take away:
"Being an adult is mostly just going to bed when you don't want to and also waking up when you don't want to."
 -unknown (lol)

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Soft Everyday Makeup Look

My new video Soft Everyday Makeup Look is live on my youtube channel! I'm so happy I finally had time to edit and voice over this video tutorial. I recorded it about a month ago, and everything has gone wrong to not allow me to finish this little project. It is my first video using a variety of new filming equipment, editing software and mic. Not only that but I was so nervous about how my voice sounds! I did end up catching what my kids had, and so my voice began to sound sore and rustic. Forgive me, but hopefully by the next video, my voice will be back to normal. If you have any comments, requests or suggestions please don't hesitate to let me know. I hope you enjoy this short tutorial, and if you end up recreating it, I'd love to see #makeupbykimii
It takes me about 15-20 minutes to do, and is very easy on days I don't have too much time to do a full face of makeup, with foundation and concealer,...all the works. 
If you would like to continue watching, don't miss out and subscribe to my channel. My goal right now is to reach 1,000 views fairly soon, hopefully between the next couple of weeks. Also, 1,000 subscribers by the end of March- fingers crossed. If all goes well, I'll be uploading weekly and creating content more ideal for the average busy momma. All the products I used are in the description of the video, so just head on over and check it out ♡ Thanks for all the support.


Friday, February 12, 2016

Weekend Wrap-Up

THIS WEEK: So, this week was exhausting! I spent most of my time wiping running noses, soothing coughs, waking up in the middle of the night taking temperatures, and cherishing the 15 minutes of quiet time in the shower before heading out to deal with fussy toddlers. If you haven't figured it out by now, my kids have been sick and it sucks! Quarantined inside the house is slowly driving us insane. Okay, so it's not that bad, just a mild case of pneumonia but tiring none the less. Not much has happened this week in terms of exciting events, other than that we have officially begun packing to move into our new place, and that I'm 36 weeks and 4 days pregnant. Meaning any day now I'll be rushing to the hospital awaiting the arrival of our little princess because I'll be drinking raspberry leaf tea like there's no tomorrow! The weekend any who, I hope will be full of laughter, smiles, hugs and kisses. Having someone to celebrate Valentine's Day I must admit is nice. Spending all day in our pj's, eating our favorite snacks, while attempting to relax while watching movies Sunday night. Keep in mind it's a bit hard to do when you're toddlers are sick and fussy. Not all weeks can be perfect, but this one I can't complain too much of. February so far is having it's way with me...I'm just kidding. 

SNAPSHOTS OF THE WEEK: Oatmeal breakfast (nice warm and soothing for sick days,) #lovemyself selfie, my oldest darling, fog covering the moon-a strange thing that has been occurring all week in Calgary.
- Get the baby's and mine "go-to-bag" ready

- Have all the laundry done and put away
- Try and establish the kids daily routine back to normal
- Attempt to have Jacob take at least one nap this week
- Keep the kitchen tidy
- Have longer play times with the kids each day
- Go grocery shopping
- Glam myself up at least one day of the week and actually wear pants!
- Write at least one blog post
- Pack 1 box for each room a day

- Make Benjamin go paint our new place

  • I can't wait to not be pregnant anymore! I've never made it past 36 weeks
  • I've started planning and making my fitness goals for when I can begin to work out
  • I really dislike moving
  • I'm constantly wondering how I can achieve my goals and wild dreams as a blogger and youtuber. It's eating my mind.

Something to take away:

" If you can't stop thinking about it, don't stop working for it."


credit: post idea thanks to the freckled fox

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Heart to Heart: Reality Check Rant

I know how much you all just love my life updates,...riiiight? .-. I must admit, that I feel a bit discouraged lately. Nothing is really going as I had hoped since the beginning of the New Year. I started out with such motivation and positivity and needless to say, it's slowly going down. 
I guess in a way, I compare myself  too much to other successful bloggers and youtubers, even instagramers, to the point where I almost envy their success. It's something I want so bad. You, know I've read so many quotes that make me think it's meant to be, and somehow I can achieve it. But to my misfortune reality is telling a different story. There is always something that prevents me from doing a task or project I've set out to complete. Maybe I'm just making excuses for myself or maybe it really isn't meant to be...?
I don't consider my life to be hectic or busy in the sense that I have to go "here and there," it's more like...I have to do "this and that." My husband works two jobs, so I'm left most of the time alone tending to my kids who are toddlers, and my wifely duties and chores. At the end of the day, I'm exhausted wondering how time flew by so fast. Not, to mention the fact that I'm 36 weeks pregnant. I'm as big as a whale and feels like one too. So, you tell am I supposed to do this? How am I supposed to do what makes me happy, and still tend to my family responsibly? I mean, I have the equipment, I have the materials, I have the ideas, I have the determination... but no time? 
Some would say, make a schedule, have a routine. Great Idea! If I didn't already have one,...that changes constantly because kids are unpredictable. Nap time is at noon, well Jacob doesn't want to nap and wakes Sam up. Okay, let's try free play while I go and do chores... kids decide to make a mess I just cleaned up. While the kids sleep at night, film.... well, turns out you're now exhausted from the whole day and just want to sleep. Just this week, my kids caught a pneumonia! Yay, sick all week tending to them pretty much on my own...nothing got done and I'm a zombie. At this far along in pregnancy, staying up soothing kids or waking up at certain hours of the night to administer medicine sucks. So, I don't have the energy to even get up. This month alone, I'm having to tend to the kids, be a wife, pack my entire house, and move to our new place while awaiting the timely birth of our third child any day now. A lot to get done for the end of the month isn't it?
I try to fulfill projects,...I honestly do. For example a few weeks ago I filmed a simple makeup tutorial. I haven't had time to edit it for uploading to my channel. So it's rendering useless in my computer. 
Time isn't even the half of it. I know it takes a lot to build a strong genuine following. I want to be a successful youtuber, a successful blogger- even make money off of it...but it seems no one supports me. Although I get many visits, no one subscribes or even comments on my content. My facebook page is a ghost town,... Why? Am I boring? Does what I post not interest anyone? I do this because I like it, and I want to make my passion my pay check...but how if nothing is working out? Maybe I have to endure this hard slow start. But, the truth is,'s very discouraging. So the question is, do I endure in hopes of achieving a following, and success or stop because it's only time wasted since I have yet to see the fruits of my labours? 
I set out this year to be my year to shine. I got accepted into college, we are moving province, we are awaiting our little addition to the family, I have so many hopes for this blog and youtube channel..but I'm caught between being realistic and facing the music or chasing after what seems to be a far fetched dream. I have the potential, I have the determination...but there's just something missing. Do any of you feel lost or unclear what path you should be on right now? Stay strong...


Friday, January 15, 2016

Youtube Channel Creator Rewards + Fail to Launch

One of my goals this year was to begin filming videos for my youtube channel. I am so motivated, it's not even funny. I have set up a specific room in my house for filming, bought a few new makeup products, and began planning out rough video ideas. This was the week I should have begun creating content but it seems like I had a week of bad luck! 
I planned everything down to the very minute, so that I can make the best of my time, get all my house/momma chores done and have time to film. Well let me tell you it didn't happen in anyway like I had hoped...
First, my kids decided not to nap properly this week. No naps = cranky, fussy babies. Nothing will get done because they become so needy! So of course,...nothing got done. Laundry piled up, house is a mess, and must I go on?! After I made peace with my house being a disaster and my kids being cry babies, I decided to set up my filming space to try and feel like I'm getting things going.
I have it semi-set up in what used to be our office. I'm not too sure if I've mentioned this before, but both my husband and I are photographers and own a small business. We have more than enough equipment to film and photograph. We also conveniently had moved the office downstairs a few months ago and so we had and empty "extra" room. Now it's my makeup room :3 Anyways, I was setting up the lighting I need and tripod for the camera, I realized I was missing a few things from my photography bags. Like the screw thing that goes on the camera to mount it on the tripod. Also, half my lighting! For some reason its not all together and I only was able to put up the stands and umbrellas. The actual lights are missing, and the power plugs! I'm thinking to myself what the heck?! Either we were robbed or some how leprechauns took them... 
The misfortune doesn't end there, believe it or not. My husband is the one that will help me film. Since he'll be going to school for that too, we figured why not get in some practice in the mean time. He has two jobs, and so his work schedule is a bit unpredictable. But! One of his jobs is snow removal. It hasn't snowed since before Christmas, and suddenly mother nature wanted snow this week. He has worked every day since Sunday. If I didn't know better, I'd take it as a sign of "its not meant to be." But, this is something I really want to do, which brings me to the most exciting part of this post. 
Did you know that Youtube offer milestone awards for creators and their channels? 
It's called, Youtube Creator Rewards. They way it works is that once your channel hits 
- 100,000 (Platinum)
- 1 Million (Gold) and 
- 10 Million (Diamond) 
genuine subscribers you get these plaques mailed to you for hitting such huge milestones as a creator. I WANT THIS! Now, I know it'll take a lot of hard work and time to achieve and deserve but this is where I want to get to. 
Will you help and support me?
Let me know please and comment, what kind of content interests  you to learn and know more about. I blog about makeup, style, and life. The topics in between are endless! I plan to have everything sorted out this weekend that went horribly wrong setting up, in order to really start filming. I know there are tons of makeup gurus out there, but I know I'm offering something different and genuine. Realistic looks and how to apply beauty and fashion to your daily routine. Nowadays I find that most gurus do looks that you think, "where and when the heck am I going to where this to?" And even though they are gorgeous! They are useless to the average person. I hope to inspire the daily woman, and help each other on the journey to rediscovery and self-improvement. Remember everyone is beautiful,... 
You can subscribe to my Youtube Channel here: Kimii Amaya Official
and to my blog here: Life. Beauty. Style
I will be posting every week, so stay tuned for that first video.
I can't wait to read your comment suggestions!


p.s want more info on these awards, check out this link: Youtube Creator Rewards

Monday, January 4, 2016

Top 10 Favorite Youtubers of 2015

Having decided to blog and create youtube content again, I should probably give credit to where credit is do. Here are my Top 10 Favourite Youtubers of 2015. These channels inspire me, and motivate me constantly! Let's begin the countdown from my #10 all the way to my #1...

10. Wengie
I first saw one of Wengies videos one day I was exploring through blogs. She had her youtube channel linked, and so I decided to check her out. The reason she made it to my top 10 list, is due to a few reasons. Here's why. I like the quality of her videos, they are very simple and clean cut. Although she rants and gets side tracked a bit, they content of her videos hold a lot of useful information. Especially when it comes to subjects about beauty methods and social media related content. He blog focuses on asian beauty whilst living in Australia. She is according to her about section, the most subscribed asian beauty channel in in Australia. She achieved this in just 2 years.

I don't think she is the greatest "beauty guru" out there due to her lack of detail when applying makeup (I'm really picky like that), I do think she is an inspiration! She has only been on youtube for the past year and has already reached a huge following on social media, becoming a very famous internet idol you can say. The reason for making my top ten? Well, simply because she is an inspiration, if you put your mind to it, you can accomplish it! You don't need fancy equipment and editing tools to go big. She also has a very similar style to how I do my makeup. 

I found this pretty lady on Instagram, due to her amazing eyebrows! She seems to be very real, kinda "what you see is what you get" kind of person. I like this, making her one of my favs just because. 

When I first watched one of Vivian's videos I had trouble deciding whether to subscribe or not, her content at the time kinda sucked, but something caught my attention and inspired me to do several things. Number one was to grow out my hair, and number two was to have hope. She started small, working her way up, improving her content and filming quality. I like her laid back style and the fact that she has amazing long hair. I did grow out my hair pretty long thanks to her.

Now, this girl is awesome! A sure spot on my list, why you ask, well hoo hoo hoo! She not only does beauty and style videos, but also tech and motivational content. I love this! Before I actually went and studied photography she was on of my go-to channels for when I needed to know something technical. She talks about basic photography and filming concepts that are very easy to follow and to the point. Maya is an inspirational person. She talks "real talk" and shamelessly let's her personality shine through her videos. 

This is my go-to channel for when I need advice on my photography business and social media strategies. She is an entrepreneur, helping others achieve success, what's not to love? She is very bold, and gives her advice like it applies in real life. 

Pony is a bit of a random youtube on my list. Mainly because she is an Ulzzang, and so I loved her when I was into that style. Although I no longer practice Ulzzang style I still love her! She was the first Ulzzang I ever saw, and was inspired by her from the beginning. Since she made a youtube channel I've subscribe not only because I do love her, but because the make up she does is very unique compared to other channels I'm subscribed to. She tends to use very minimal makeup, and simple techniques to achieve both natural and complex makeup looks.

The only reason I have Huda so high up on my list is because she is the kind of woman I aspire to be like, Successful, Independent and Fashionable. I love that she was a self made blogger and makeup artist. She owns her own business and is living large! I want to be successful like that. She also has a good variety of makeup tutorials, tips and tricks that you don't run into often. She is a gorgeous woman and teaches you how to do it right.

My husband actually recommended this channel to me before I began school for photography. He told me is was awesome. So, I decided to have a gander...
His name is Jared Polin and he's one heck of a photographer. Not only that, but he is very entertaining to watch. He has very good in depth content about photography and film, giving some industry secrets, tips and tricks. Beside me going to school, he is my online mentor you could say. Have any questions about photography? He has a video for it!

We have reached the top of my list ending with Still Glamorus. I had always known about her for a few years now, but had never subscribed until recently. I would watch a video here and there but never actually follower her. It wasn't until she published a video that won me over. I saw how real and down to earth she was regardless of her internet fame. She is a very beautiful woman, who owns her own makeup line, has a hand full of children and shares her life with her viewers. Although she is a young mother, she inspires and motivates people that the fact that life happens around you, you can always still look amazing and feel good about yourself. This is very encouraging to me because I can relate to the fact that I am a young mother, and life does happen! But, that doesn't me I can't feel and look amazing.

I hope you enjoyed my Top 10 favorite youtubers of 2015. They definitely are talented, inspiring people. Watching them keeps me moving forward with my dreams, both in my photography business and my personal goals. I invite you all to check them out, and tell me what you think. Who are your current favorite youtubers? Don't forget to comment and subscribe!
Ciao my lovelies, until next time

Sunday, January 3, 2016

How I Reached 10,000 Facebook Likes in One Year

As many of you know, I have put a pause on blogging and social media every since I had my kids and things slowed down. Before then, is a completely different story. You may be asking your self what it is I was doing and posting about. So, how was it that I reached 10,000 #Facebook likes in 1 year? Let me tell you,..

Background Story:
 I used to be very into a Korean Fashion style called "Ulzzang." It literally means to have the "best-face." So, as a young teen I not only had the monetary resources to afford this style, but also the time and energy to live it. I made a fan page for myself that focused on this style and how to apply it to daily life, posting tips and tutorials I would create. I entered and won many online contest, submitting my photos and gaining internet popularity in this subculture. After seeing myself getting stuck and not really progressing (getting more popular) peaking at about 1,000 likes, I switched to promoting myself and creating my content for a Spanish speaking audience. This is where I boomed.  I went from 1,000 likes to 10,000 likes in 1 year. At one point eventually averaging to about 1,000 likes a month. Now that may not seem a lot compared to other internet famous blogs or people but in this particular niche, it was.

Now, that you know a little bit of how I started getting involved with social media and the internet, I'll tell you exactly what I did to "boom."

Steps I took:

1. Brain Storm & Define your Niche:
Decide what kind of page you want to be. Now, I had to brainstorm a lot! I wanted to be the go-to page for this kind of style in the spanish speaking internet world. I wanted to provide reliable, quality information and be 100% legit about it. I simply wanted to be #1. It was something I loved and was very passionate about. Now in order to be #1, I had to "walk the walk" and not just "talk the talk." So here is where step number two comes in.

2. Research your Niche:
You know what you want to write or post about, now learn everything there is about it. I can't tell you how much I read, watched and searched for answers to the questions I had about this niche. I'm not Korean, and I have never been there. So, I was influenced and guided by what I saw online. Doing this made me question so many things that where contradictory in the style, and so many opinions of "how-to-be Ulzzang." I wrote to many influential bloggers in this niche, and commented on many videos and forums, simply asking. I obtained good feedback and I went by "majority opinions." The more I dove into topics the more I learned about the style, its origin, South Korean culture and so much more. If someone had a question for me, I had the answer.

3. Goal Setting:
I began with minimal knowledge of my niche, but as time went on I became the "wiki-pedia" of it all. I sat down, and vaguely planned month to month the content I would be posting throughout one year. I had a vision and with that vision came the desire to obtain a huge following. I told myself that no matter what, I had to be #1, and be the first page of this niche to reach 10,000 likes.  The competition already had a good head start away from me at about 3,000 likes each, I knew it would be hard, but I had to beat them, mainly because they content they posted was terrible. I began the first of January of 2012 and so I had the opportunity to remain organized in my planning. Although I didn't have specific numbers set to try and reach weekly or monthly, my goal was the end of the year number and quality of the content. It wasn't until much later into all of this that I really began planning weekly posting schedules. So, set realistic goals that you believe you can accomplish.

4. Create Content your Audience Wants:
This is I think the hardest part of it all, creating good content that not only show cases your quality and vision, but also providing what your audience wants to see. I started off with basic essential posts such as style must haves, beauty tips and tricks, the photography aspect of the style and other basic info. After that, I hosted polls and questionnaires asking our followers what they liked, wanted to see more of, or if they had any questions that needed answering. This made it a bit more easy to brainstorm ideas for content and fulfill my mission. I also tried very hard to be different than other pages, innovating the way pages of this niche would operate. I constantly was introducing new ideas, and concepts keeping my content fresh and constant. I created giveaways, themed contests, monthly challenges, and much more to help others grow and progress in this style. I must say though, that not only the content was important but obtaining a professional look as well = Branding your style. My pictures were high quality images that attracted my viewers attention. I was always constant in the look my social media channels portrayed. I never bought any kind of software to edit images with text or anything. I simply used an online photo editor called It had everything I needed to create the visuals for my page. The best part of this site, is that it's free!

5. Keep yourself Motivated:
I can't stress this one enough! Motivation is key here! When the page was first created, many people mocked and laughed at me. They would say really mean things, and discourage me. Even my family would tell me to grow up and be a normal girl. Although all of this hurt at times, I never gave up! I would tell myself, that I would be the best, and I could do it. I needed to prove to my family and all of the other haters that I could be the best page out there. It was a big struggle. Not many people would visit my posts or click like but I kept posting regardless. Slowly, I noticed people would begin to do so without me having to do anything. This made me feel excited and I continued doing what I was doing the whole time. It was about 5 months into managing this page, that I saw real progress. I went from about 1,000 likes to 3,000 and each day it would grow faster and faster. People finally noticed my quality and work. By 6 months I reached 5,000 likes. 

6. Promoting yourself and Social Media:
About 5 months into managing the page, I decided to branch out into different social medias and for this I needed help. I recruited reliable internet friends to help me out by each of them managing a branch of social media.  I created a blog, twitter, youtube, and tumblr. I found the the most successful channels of social media were the blog, tumblr and youtube. So after a while, we just focused on those, also keeping up with our principal channel which was the Facebook page. I also joined many Facebook groups of this niche and promoted new posts or events there. I would say to shamelessly promote yourself and your content. How will anyone know you're there if you don't open your mouth?

7. Sponsors & Affiliates:
Part of what gave my page such great credibility were the sponsors I obtained. Though they were few, I ensured that they were reliable, famous/popular companies. I didn't get a sponsor until I reached at least 5,000 likes. Which is the average minimum for most companies related to this niche. I obtained sponsors such as #pinkyparadise #lenscircle #speciallens and several others for that year I was most successful. For most of them, I had to personally contact the company and ask if they had any sponsorship opportunities available, and for a few others I was contacted by them with an offer. From these sponsorships, I would host giveaways and contest prizes, instead of keeping the products for myself. People loved that I would give back to them for their support, in this way. As for affiliates, I partnered up with other pages related to this niche that I felt were just as good as mine, and around the same number of followers I had. We would support each others events and cross post each others content making stronger friendships and gaining useful benefits from one another.

8. Interaction:
I always made time to answer questions, reply to comments and interact with my followers. It would make them feel closer, more relatable to me and in a way more special if I gave them individual attention. I would seem less like an internet celebrity and more like a regular girl like them.

All of this contributed to a fast growing following for my page. By the end of the year, I did reach 10,000 likes and blew my competition out of the water. It took determination, knowledge and the desire to accomplish this. 
After that year, I got married and had my kids, and well here I am now, trying to get things going again. I no longer practice Ulzzang fashion and lifestyle but I do love it. I've matured and changed these past few years. Growing into the style and life I have now. I know it will be a slow journey but one I'll enjoy. I love blogging and I hope this helped you all try and figure out what it is you want to accomplish. Currently, I have about 13,100+ likes having been inactive for about 2 years without posting a single thing. The best advice I could offer you is to not give up no matter how discouraged you are. On days you don't feel like posting anything, do it anyway, you'll thank yourself later- TRUST ME.
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