Friday, January 15, 2016

Youtube Channel Creator Rewards + Fail to Launch

One of my goals this year was to begin filming videos for my youtube channel. I am so motivated, it's not even funny. I have set up a specific room in my house for filming, bought a few new makeup products, and began planning out rough video ideas. This was the week I should have begun creating content but it seems like I had a week of bad luck! 
I planned everything down to the very minute, so that I can make the best of my time, get all my house/momma chores done and have time to film. Well let me tell you it didn't happen in anyway like I had hoped...
First, my kids decided not to nap properly this week. No naps = cranky, fussy babies. Nothing will get done because they become so needy! So of course,...nothing got done. Laundry piled up, house is a mess, and must I go on?! After I made peace with my house being a disaster and my kids being cry babies, I decided to set up my filming space to try and feel like I'm getting things going.
I have it semi-set up in what used to be our office. I'm not too sure if I've mentioned this before, but both my husband and I are photographers and own a small business. We have more than enough equipment to film and photograph. We also conveniently had moved the office downstairs a few months ago and so we had and empty "extra" room. Now it's my makeup room :3 Anyways, I was setting up the lighting I need and tripod for the camera, I realized I was missing a few things from my photography bags. Like the screw thing that goes on the camera to mount it on the tripod. Also, half my lighting! For some reason its not all together and I only was able to put up the stands and umbrellas. The actual lights are missing, and the power plugs! I'm thinking to myself what the heck?! Either we were robbed or some how leprechauns took them... 
The misfortune doesn't end there, believe it or not. My husband is the one that will help me film. Since he'll be going to school for that too, we figured why not get in some practice in the mean time. He has two jobs, and so his work schedule is a bit unpredictable. But! One of his jobs is snow removal. It hasn't snowed since before Christmas, and suddenly mother nature wanted snow this week. He has worked every day since Sunday. If I didn't know better, I'd take it as a sign of "its not meant to be." But, this is something I really want to do, which brings me to the most exciting part of this post. 
Did you know that Youtube offer milestone awards for creators and their channels? 
It's called, Youtube Creator Rewards. They way it works is that once your channel hits 
- 100,000 (Platinum)
- 1 Million (Gold) and 
- 10 Million (Diamond) 
genuine subscribers you get these plaques mailed to you for hitting such huge milestones as a creator. I WANT THIS! Now, I know it'll take a lot of hard work and time to achieve and deserve but this is where I want to get to. 
Will you help and support me?
Let me know please and comment, what kind of content interests  you to learn and know more about. I blog about makeup, style, and life. The topics in between are endless! I plan to have everything sorted out this weekend that went horribly wrong setting up, in order to really start filming. I know there are tons of makeup gurus out there, but I know I'm offering something different and genuine. Realistic looks and how to apply beauty and fashion to your daily routine. Nowadays I find that most gurus do looks that you think, "where and when the heck am I going to where this to?" And even though they are gorgeous! They are useless to the average person. I hope to inspire the daily woman, and help each other on the journey to rediscovery and self-improvement. Remember everyone is beautiful,... 
You can subscribe to my Youtube Channel here: Kimii Amaya Official
and to my blog here: Life. Beauty. Style
I will be posting every week, so stay tuned for that first video.
I can't wait to read your comment suggestions!


p.s want more info on these awards, check out this link: Youtube Creator Rewards

Monday, January 4, 2016

Top 10 Favorite Youtubers of 2015

Having decided to blog and create youtube content again, I should probably give credit to where credit is do. Here are my Top 10 Favourite Youtubers of 2015. These channels inspire me, and motivate me constantly! Let's begin the countdown from my #10 all the way to my #1...

10. Wengie
I first saw one of Wengies videos one day I was exploring through blogs. She had her youtube channel linked, and so I decided to check her out. The reason she made it to my top 10 list, is due to a few reasons. Here's why. I like the quality of her videos, they are very simple and clean cut. Although she rants and gets side tracked a bit, they content of her videos hold a lot of useful information. Especially when it comes to subjects about beauty methods and social media related content. He blog focuses on asian beauty whilst living in Australia. She is according to her about section, the most subscribed asian beauty channel in in Australia. She achieved this in just 2 years.

I don't think she is the greatest "beauty guru" out there due to her lack of detail when applying makeup (I'm really picky like that), I do think she is an inspiration! She has only been on youtube for the past year and has already reached a huge following on social media, becoming a very famous internet idol you can say. The reason for making my top ten? Well, simply because she is an inspiration, if you put your mind to it, you can accomplish it! You don't need fancy equipment and editing tools to go big. She also has a very similar style to how I do my makeup. 

I found this pretty lady on Instagram, due to her amazing eyebrows! She seems to be very real, kinda "what you see is what you get" kind of person. I like this, making her one of my favs just because. 

When I first watched one of Vivian's videos I had trouble deciding whether to subscribe or not, her content at the time kinda sucked, but something caught my attention and inspired me to do several things. Number one was to grow out my hair, and number two was to have hope. She started small, working her way up, improving her content and filming quality. I like her laid back style and the fact that she has amazing long hair. I did grow out my hair pretty long thanks to her.

Now, this girl is awesome! A sure spot on my list, why you ask, well hoo hoo hoo! She not only does beauty and style videos, but also tech and motivational content. I love this! Before I actually went and studied photography she was on of my go-to channels for when I needed to know something technical. She talks about basic photography and filming concepts that are very easy to follow and to the point. Maya is an inspirational person. She talks "real talk" and shamelessly let's her personality shine through her videos. 

This is my go-to channel for when I need advice on my photography business and social media strategies. She is an entrepreneur, helping others achieve success, what's not to love? She is very bold, and gives her advice like it applies in real life. 

Pony is a bit of a random youtube on my list. Mainly because she is an Ulzzang, and so I loved her when I was into that style. Although I no longer practice Ulzzang style I still love her! She was the first Ulzzang I ever saw, and was inspired by her from the beginning. Since she made a youtube channel I've subscribe not only because I do love her, but because the make up she does is very unique compared to other channels I'm subscribed to. She tends to use very minimal makeup, and simple techniques to achieve both natural and complex makeup looks.

The only reason I have Huda so high up on my list is because she is the kind of woman I aspire to be like, Successful, Independent and Fashionable. I love that she was a self made blogger and makeup artist. She owns her own business and is living large! I want to be successful like that. She also has a good variety of makeup tutorials, tips and tricks that you don't run into often. She is a gorgeous woman and teaches you how to do it right.

My husband actually recommended this channel to me before I began school for photography. He told me is was awesome. So, I decided to have a gander...
His name is Jared Polin and he's one heck of a photographer. Not only that, but he is very entertaining to watch. He has very good in depth content about photography and film, giving some industry secrets, tips and tricks. Beside me going to school, he is my online mentor you could say. Have any questions about photography? He has a video for it!

We have reached the top of my list ending with Still Glamorus. I had always known about her for a few years now, but had never subscribed until recently. I would watch a video here and there but never actually follower her. It wasn't until she published a video that won me over. I saw how real and down to earth she was regardless of her internet fame. She is a very beautiful woman, who owns her own makeup line, has a hand full of children and shares her life with her viewers. Although she is a young mother, she inspires and motivates people that the fact that life happens around you, you can always still look amazing and feel good about yourself. This is very encouraging to me because I can relate to the fact that I am a young mother, and life does happen! But, that doesn't me I can't feel and look amazing.

I hope you enjoyed my Top 10 favorite youtubers of 2015. They definitely are talented, inspiring people. Watching them keeps me moving forward with my dreams, both in my photography business and my personal goals. I invite you all to check them out, and tell me what you think. Who are your current favorite youtubers? Don't forget to comment and subscribe!
Ciao my lovelies, until next time

Sunday, January 3, 2016

How I Reached 10,000 Facebook Likes in One Year

As many of you know, I have put a pause on blogging and social media every since I had my kids and things slowed down. Before then, is a completely different story. You may be asking your self what it is I was doing and posting about. So, how was it that I reached 10,000 #Facebook likes in 1 year? Let me tell you,..

Background Story:
 I used to be very into a Korean Fashion style called "Ulzzang." It literally means to have the "best-face." So, as a young teen I not only had the monetary resources to afford this style, but also the time and energy to live it. I made a fan page for myself that focused on this style and how to apply it to daily life, posting tips and tutorials I would create. I entered and won many online contest, submitting my photos and gaining internet popularity in this subculture. After seeing myself getting stuck and not really progressing (getting more popular) peaking at about 1,000 likes, I switched to promoting myself and creating my content for a Spanish speaking audience. This is where I boomed.  I went from 1,000 likes to 10,000 likes in 1 year. At one point eventually averaging to about 1,000 likes a month. Now that may not seem a lot compared to other internet famous blogs or people but in this particular niche, it was.

Now, that you know a little bit of how I started getting involved with social media and the internet, I'll tell you exactly what I did to "boom."

Steps I took:

1. Brain Storm & Define your Niche:
Decide what kind of page you want to be. Now, I had to brainstorm a lot! I wanted to be the go-to page for this kind of style in the spanish speaking internet world. I wanted to provide reliable, quality information and be 100% legit about it. I simply wanted to be #1. It was something I loved and was very passionate about. Now in order to be #1, I had to "walk the walk" and not just "talk the talk." So here is where step number two comes in.

2. Research your Niche:
You know what you want to write or post about, now learn everything there is about it. I can't tell you how much I read, watched and searched for answers to the questions I had about this niche. I'm not Korean, and I have never been there. So, I was influenced and guided by what I saw online. Doing this made me question so many things that where contradictory in the style, and so many opinions of "how-to-be Ulzzang." I wrote to many influential bloggers in this niche, and commented on many videos and forums, simply asking. I obtained good feedback and I went by "majority opinions." The more I dove into topics the more I learned about the style, its origin, South Korean culture and so much more. If someone had a question for me, I had the answer.

3. Goal Setting:
I began with minimal knowledge of my niche, but as time went on I became the "wiki-pedia" of it all. I sat down, and vaguely planned month to month the content I would be posting throughout one year. I had a vision and with that vision came the desire to obtain a huge following. I told myself that no matter what, I had to be #1, and be the first page of this niche to reach 10,000 likes.  The competition already had a good head start away from me at about 3,000 likes each, I knew it would be hard, but I had to beat them, mainly because they content they posted was terrible. I began the first of January of 2012 and so I had the opportunity to remain organized in my planning. Although I didn't have specific numbers set to try and reach weekly or monthly, my goal was the end of the year number and quality of the content. It wasn't until much later into all of this that I really began planning weekly posting schedules. So, set realistic goals that you believe you can accomplish.

4. Create Content your Audience Wants:
This is I think the hardest part of it all, creating good content that not only show cases your quality and vision, but also providing what your audience wants to see. I started off with basic essential posts such as style must haves, beauty tips and tricks, the photography aspect of the style and other basic info. After that, I hosted polls and questionnaires asking our followers what they liked, wanted to see more of, or if they had any questions that needed answering. This made it a bit more easy to brainstorm ideas for content and fulfill my mission. I also tried very hard to be different than other pages, innovating the way pages of this niche would operate. I constantly was introducing new ideas, and concepts keeping my content fresh and constant. I created giveaways, themed contests, monthly challenges, and much more to help others grow and progress in this style. I must say though, that not only the content was important but obtaining a professional look as well = Branding your style. My pictures were high quality images that attracted my viewers attention. I was always constant in the look my social media channels portrayed. I never bought any kind of software to edit images with text or anything. I simply used an online photo editor called It had everything I needed to create the visuals for my page. The best part of this site, is that it's free!

5. Keep yourself Motivated:
I can't stress this one enough! Motivation is key here! When the page was first created, many people mocked and laughed at me. They would say really mean things, and discourage me. Even my family would tell me to grow up and be a normal girl. Although all of this hurt at times, I never gave up! I would tell myself, that I would be the best, and I could do it. I needed to prove to my family and all of the other haters that I could be the best page out there. It was a big struggle. Not many people would visit my posts or click like but I kept posting regardless. Slowly, I noticed people would begin to do so without me having to do anything. This made me feel excited and I continued doing what I was doing the whole time. It was about 5 months into managing this page, that I saw real progress. I went from about 1,000 likes to 3,000 and each day it would grow faster and faster. People finally noticed my quality and work. By 6 months I reached 5,000 likes. 

6. Promoting yourself and Social Media:
About 5 months into managing the page, I decided to branch out into different social medias and for this I needed help. I recruited reliable internet friends to help me out by each of them managing a branch of social media.  I created a blog, twitter, youtube, and tumblr. I found the the most successful channels of social media were the blog, tumblr and youtube. So after a while, we just focused on those, also keeping up with our principal channel which was the Facebook page. I also joined many Facebook groups of this niche and promoted new posts or events there. I would say to shamelessly promote yourself and your content. How will anyone know you're there if you don't open your mouth?

7. Sponsors & Affiliates:
Part of what gave my page such great credibility were the sponsors I obtained. Though they were few, I ensured that they were reliable, famous/popular companies. I didn't get a sponsor until I reached at least 5,000 likes. Which is the average minimum for most companies related to this niche. I obtained sponsors such as #pinkyparadise #lenscircle #speciallens and several others for that year I was most successful. For most of them, I had to personally contact the company and ask if they had any sponsorship opportunities available, and for a few others I was contacted by them with an offer. From these sponsorships, I would host giveaways and contest prizes, instead of keeping the products for myself. People loved that I would give back to them for their support, in this way. As for affiliates, I partnered up with other pages related to this niche that I felt were just as good as mine, and around the same number of followers I had. We would support each others events and cross post each others content making stronger friendships and gaining useful benefits from one another.

8. Interaction:
I always made time to answer questions, reply to comments and interact with my followers. It would make them feel closer, more relatable to me and in a way more special if I gave them individual attention. I would seem less like an internet celebrity and more like a regular girl like them.

All of this contributed to a fast growing following for my page. By the end of the year, I did reach 10,000 likes and blew my competition out of the water. It took determination, knowledge and the desire to accomplish this. 
After that year, I got married and had my kids, and well here I am now, trying to get things going again. I no longer practice Ulzzang fashion and lifestyle but I do love it. I've matured and changed these past few years. Growing into the style and life I have now. I know it will be a slow journey but one I'll enjoy. I love blogging and I hope this helped you all try and figure out what it is you want to accomplish. Currently, I have about 13,100+ likes having been inactive for about 2 years without posting a single thing. The best advice I could offer you is to not give up no matter how discouraged you are. On days you don't feel like posting anything, do it anyway, you'll thank yourself later- TRUST ME.
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