Friday, January 15, 2016

Youtube Channel Creator Rewards + Fail to Launch

One of my goals this year was to begin filming videos for my youtube channel. I am so motivated, it's not even funny. I have set up a specific room in my house for filming, bought a few new makeup products, and began planning out rough video ideas. This was the week I should have begun creating content but it seems like I had a week of bad luck! 
I planned everything down to the very minute, so that I can make the best of my time, get all my house/momma chores done and have time to film. Well let me tell you it didn't happen in anyway like I had hoped...
First, my kids decided not to nap properly this week. No naps = cranky, fussy babies. Nothing will get done because they become so needy! So of course,...nothing got done. Laundry piled up, house is a mess, and must I go on?! After I made peace with my house being a disaster and my kids being cry babies, I decided to set up my filming space to try and feel like I'm getting things going.
I have it semi-set up in what used to be our office. I'm not too sure if I've mentioned this before, but both my husband and I are photographers and own a small business. We have more than enough equipment to film and photograph. We also conveniently had moved the office downstairs a few months ago and so we had and empty "extra" room. Now it's my makeup room :3 Anyways, I was setting up the lighting I need and tripod for the camera, I realized I was missing a few things from my photography bags. Like the screw thing that goes on the camera to mount it on the tripod. Also, half my lighting! For some reason its not all together and I only was able to put up the stands and umbrellas. The actual lights are missing, and the power plugs! I'm thinking to myself what the heck?! Either we were robbed or some how leprechauns took them... 
The misfortune doesn't end there, believe it or not. My husband is the one that will help me film. Since he'll be going to school for that too, we figured why not get in some practice in the mean time. He has two jobs, and so his work schedule is a bit unpredictable. But! One of his jobs is snow removal. It hasn't snowed since before Christmas, and suddenly mother nature wanted snow this week. He has worked every day since Sunday. If I didn't know better, I'd take it as a sign of "its not meant to be." But, this is something I really want to do, which brings me to the most exciting part of this post. 
Did you know that Youtube offer milestone awards for creators and their channels? 
It's called, Youtube Creator Rewards. They way it works is that once your channel hits 
- 100,000 (Platinum)
- 1 Million (Gold) and 
- 10 Million (Diamond) 
genuine subscribers you get these plaques mailed to you for hitting such huge milestones as a creator. I WANT THIS! Now, I know it'll take a lot of hard work and time to achieve and deserve but this is where I want to get to. 
Will you help and support me?
Let me know please and comment, what kind of content interests  you to learn and know more about. I blog about makeup, style, and life. The topics in between are endless! I plan to have everything sorted out this weekend that went horribly wrong setting up, in order to really start filming. I know there are tons of makeup gurus out there, but I know I'm offering something different and genuine. Realistic looks and how to apply beauty and fashion to your daily routine. Nowadays I find that most gurus do looks that you think, "where and when the heck am I going to where this to?" And even though they are gorgeous! They are useless to the average person. I hope to inspire the daily woman, and help each other on the journey to rediscovery and self-improvement. Remember everyone is beautiful,... 
You can subscribe to my Youtube Channel here: Kimii Amaya Official
and to my blog here: Life. Beauty. Style
I will be posting every week, so stay tuned for that first video.
I can't wait to read your comment suggestions!


p.s want more info on these awards, check out this link: Youtube Creator Rewards

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