Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Hello April! Heart to Heart: Alter-Ego

April is here, and so the arrival of Spring. If New Year's wasn't enough reason to start a fresh, here's your chance to jump on the band wagon! It's never too late to try and better yourself. In light of this opportunity here given to us thanks to mother nature, I myself have decided to maybe change a few things about what I would like to accomplish with this here blog and youtube channel. Hear me out,..
So I begun the year re-vamping my blog and what kind of content I wanted to create. I felt I had grown out of the Kawaii Asian Fashion scene and wanted to cater to a more mature audience and style. I feel although this is still very much true, its somewhat unrealistic for me. 
In all honesty, I  don't feel or dress like that fierce, chic, sexy girl all the time. There are times I want to be sweet looking, or dark af and down right cozy in my pj's all day. And still, there has always been a part of me that has never let go of the Asian Beauty scene. I'm always looking at new Western trends as well as Asian ones, particularly Japanese and South Korean. I became very frustrated with myself. Wanting to dress a certain way but feeling too old for it. Hence, my desire to dress and be a trendy fashionable mom, to Western standards. Coincidently, a friend of mine who is a couple years older than me told me something that sounds so cliche but that is true. She also is into asian fashion and so she advised me to "just be myself." I took this very much to heart, and decided to speak to my husband about it. See, at the time I met my husband, I had already stopped dressing ulzzang and kawaii like. So he never met me like that, I would think it unfair if I just all of a sudden sprung that on him and go full out kawaii haha. So, wanting his opinion I asked... his response was also " just be yourself." 
Oh, how I want to just be able to do that. But I run into one problem. I'm a married mom with a business to run.. Shouldn't that make me act and look my age- dressing appropriately? I know many would think different of me and even mock me if I did "just be myself." And as I said before I have many fashion moods, so why decide on just one? Well as I thought about this a quote came to mind by Dr. Seuss- "Those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind." How very true this is, and lightened up my heart. If people will like me, those who genuinely do won't care what I do- they will like who I am. 

So, to finish off this inner monologue haha, I found that I have an alter-ego and should own it. I've decided to post and make videos of my many beauty and fashion moods. Whether chic, dark or sweet, that's me and that's what I'll do. I will be returning to my Asian Beauty ways. I'm excited and so should you. Since I did reach my desired view count on my first video, it's time to make another! So be on the look out. I'll give you a sneak peek of what's to come.
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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Baby Rachael is here! An Over Due Introduction

THIS WEEK: Hello my lovelies, to my surprise I've been getting many questions as to where I have disappeared off to. This makes me happy inside. Last post I left off on, I was about 36 weeks pregnant, had published my first youtube channel video, and life was simpler. Many things have happened and changed since then. 
For one, I had my baby girl. Her name is Rachael Bellamy, and was born on the 25th of February. Everything went well at L&D and she was born a healthy little princess. She is my second daughter and I'm very blessed to have her join our not so little family anymore. She is now just about three weeks old. Both Jacob and Samantha are the sweetest to her. They do get jealous often but none the less, it's been a pretty smooth transition for them accepting their new little sibling.
Speaking of transitions, (see what I did there?) Both the kids have transitioned beds. Sam is now in a toddler bed, and misses her crib oh so much! Jacob is now in a big boy bed,..actually a really big boy bed, a twin size. He loves playing in it, but not so much sleeping in it. We find him in the morning in Samantha's bed and Sam on the floor. So, at some point in the night he kicks her out of the bed, we're working on that, haha. 
Last but not least,... we have moved and we just got our internet installed finally! I do admit, I miss our place. It's really been the only place I've felt like it was really our "home." Since being married, we've moved a lot, and because of that I've always felt each house was temporary and never grown attached to it. But for some reason, I really grew to love that place. Until we have a place of our own- I guess I'll always feel this way. Oh well. Here's to new beginnings. New baby, new house, new not pregnant me!

So, this is why I've been so MIA. I do hope to get back on track with my youtube channel and blog plans soon. I just have to figure out a few things, and get more things unpacked.

BABY SPOTLIGHT: Rachael Bellamy Lucambio #historianphotography
SNAPSHOTS SINCE RACHAEL'S BIRTH: My handsome little boy Jacob sporting a new haircut, Samantha having a little beauty sleep in her new big girl carseat, as well as her in her new toddler bed- where she can continue this said beauty sleep haha, the last time these little stinkers took a nap together in our old place before the big move, and before the arrival of their new baby sis.
- Continue to unpack

- Work on having Jacob stay in his bed at night
- Organize the "Master Bedroom"
- Set up my vanity desk
- Plan out one new video to record
- Write one new blog entry
- Begin my "transformation" series content for when I can work out again.

  • I've realized how much garbage I have acquired whilst moving.
  • Rachael apparently doesn't like pictures taken of her- hence the fight she put up during her newborn photo shoot.
  • Samantha is walking more, though she chooses to crawl more often than not.
  • Jacob is the sweetest big brother ever! And Sam just loves to give Rachael kisses.

Something to take away:
"Being an adult is mostly just going to bed when you don't want to and also waking up when you don't want to."
 -unknown (lol)