Sunday, April 17, 2016

Gotta Chatch'Em All: Pokémon’s Clothing Collection

Attention anime lover's, as I hope many of you already know, this year is Pokémon’s 20th anniversary year! And here to help celebrate is YUMMY MART debuting their Pokémon’s clothing collection. The collection will be released on the 20th of April, 2016 by the popular "sister" brand known as PEACH JOHN which sells lingerie. This collection will be made up of relatively the same items. Things like, panties, pajamas', ponchos, eye masks, and a laundry bin. Unfortunately, the Pikachu bras are not going to be sold to the public. Apparently, they were made just for the photo shoot. How could they do that to us right?! 

Well, there is some more good news to compensate for that. The company will also hold a giveaway contest during the first few weeks of the release of their collection. There will be an Instagram hashtag# campaign held at YUMMY MART stores in Shibuya 109, Shibuya PARCO, and Ikebukuro PARCO. Too bad we don't live there. (I'm sure if you hashtag or DM the company's Instagram asking if international contestants are allowed and how can they participate, they'll get back to you with an answer.) Anyways, If you live in Tokyo or plan on visiting on those dates, why not drop by a store? The special photo booths will be placed at each store, all you have to do is take a picture of yourself and post it with the hashtag #YM_PIKACHU. Then 5 lucky people will be chosen to get YUMMY MART Pokémon collection special items. 
This campaign will be starting from April 20th until May 8th. So far, I have no idea how to order online or anything like that, but I just wanted to share with you this fun bit of news. Share your thoughts on how cute this collection is in the comments below. 
Here is the link to the site's announcement in case you want to check more out!
Pokémon Collection on YUMMY MART website :


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