Tuesday, November 15, 2016

I have to say, it's glad to be back! I haven't posted a lot this year, mainly because life became very busy very quick. But one thing let to another and here we are with a new video. 

I recently purchased the Morphe 350Matte Pro Palette and wanted to do an unboxing video. I thought to myself how I was going to go about this. It seemed that videos like this have not only already been done, but have been over done. 

So, I decided to show you up close the whole un-boxing process but leaving out my reactions, since there are so many videos like this already out there. I included a little more detail of how the product looks and what my initial thoughts were. Later I plan to do a first impressions video and continue the series named Showcases. I hope you enjoy and stay a while. 

Till' next time...